About us

History of Z8.Software starts back in 2021. Founder, Sławomir Zborowski, after about 10 years of professional experience working in software engineering decides to try his hands at building a new business.
For starters he has broad experience already in many programming languages like C++, Python, JavaScript, many technologies from IT realm like Linux, DevOps, Cloud, AI, Docker, Kubernetes, ElasticSearch etc and also something he believes is most precious - hands on experience in both projects that succeeded and projects that failed. Projects that were small and the big ones too. His beliefs are that software should be succinct and the decisions made throughout the development should be always based on data.
Over the time he convinced his friends, already in senior roles, to help grow the business. It is continuing to date. What the team is proud of is the quality of the software it produces. We take no shortcuts and we always strive to have best understanding of underlying models so at the end we are sure that our product solves the problem, while still being flexible and rock-solid.