We do 

We develop dedicated software for clients worldwide. No matter whether it runs in the cloud, in the field, or on bare metal.

We value quality and robustness, so we always aim at creating succinct rock-solid solutions that are tested at many levels and are easily automated/integrated through clear APIs.

Why us?
we create rock-solid software, we're always proud of
we helped on variety of projects ranging from thousands to millions EUR

we're propelled by curiosity, passion and engineering challenges

Featured clients
What technologies do we usually employ?
Django, FastAPI, Flask
C++ / Rust / Go
React.js / Angular / Vue.js
Cloud-native apps
Linux / Docker / Kubernetes
Redis / ELK / PostgreSQL
Terraform / AWS / OpenStack
Featured solutions
Mobile cryo-chamber Our client asked us to develop HMI software for his mobile cryo-chamber that operates in the 🇬🇧 UK. We employed web technologies: Electron, TypeScript, React.js and Material UI to accomplish the task, but we also had to integrate with Siemens PLC over TCP/IP. The software was deployed on industrial x86 PC, for which we used our Linux superpowers.
Accounting module for ERP We were tasked with developing custom accounting module for Odoo 16 ERP. The module added support for polish standard audit files as per 🇪🇺 EU regulations. Development was done in Python and HTML/JS/XML with usage of PostgreSQL and extensive Odoo SDK. After successful verification the module enabled our client to resell it to customers all across Poland.
Z8 Software House Sp. z o.o.

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Email: office (at) z8.software
tel.: +48 882 033 199